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Our roots started off in New York, the financial hub of the world and we have grown into a global multi regulated broker offering access to a diverse range of trading products including: currencies, stocks, commodities and indices, for retail and institutional clients, asset managers, fund managers, hedge fund managers, and introducing brokers. What sets us apart is our approach. We manage uncertainty with transparency. A trader may not always be able to predict the direction of the markets but they will always be able to count on our service and integrity. This is our commitment.

Secure & Reliable

Over since 2014 till date we run a secured and reliable system.

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Quick money withdrawals from our system to your designated wallet


Your return on investment is guaranteed 100%

Your Investment House – Our Story

Outstanding Brand was established in December 2014 in New York. Since the early start, Outstanding senior management team was committed to ensuring high standards were maintained, and regulation was strictly applied, which became the key factor of the fast growth of our company. Over the past 8 years, Outstanding has opened more than 54 offices in America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe

Clients can be confident with investing through us and not just because we offer good trading conditions, low spreads, fast execution and flexibility but also because we are sincere. We hold up the pillar of treating customers fair throughout our interactions with them. We see our services as more than just a trading platform for you to access the worldwide markets, it is a service that we are proud of and we intend on your journey being a positive one, where we provide efficiency, clarity and understanding

The ECN model of Outstanding Traders combines advanced technology with deep liquidity to give our clients the opportunity to trade a diverse range of financial assets. At Outstanding Traders, we follow industry best-practice and maintain high standards of governance, compliance and consistency. We take extreme measures to ensure the data of our clients and the safety of their financial assets, through multiple regulations is safe and secured with highly rated and secured financial institutions

We called Outstanding Traders, “Your Investment House”, because it is a place where we will accommodate you. It is our hope that through your experience with us, this house becomes your one stop tool to working with the markets and through our ease and authenticity, you will choose to make it your home

Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial services industry

Frederick F. Ellis
CEO of Outstanding Traders